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Portion Control Plates for Diabetics

Of the many adjusted facts of life for people who have diabetes, careful eating is the most important.

It's a critical part of maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Tracking carbohydrates and calories, cutting back sugars, understanding the glycemic index—all these steps have to be considered by diabetic people every day and at every meal.

Each of our elegantly designed portion control plates, portion control bowls, portion control cups, and portion control accessories make healthy eating easier so that you can enjoy mealtime once again.

Portion Control Plates for Diabetics
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Diabetic Testing Supplies

Choosing Your Diabetic Testing Supplies

Selecting diabetic testing supplies is not just about monitoring and managing your diabetes. It's also about finding the dependable, easy-to-use testing supplies that enhance your life, rather than take away from it. At TypeFree Diabetes we take the confusion out of shopping for testing supplies for diabetics by offering you the best diabetic supplies and tools for deciding which ones are right for you. You'll find a range of diabetic testing products here, including glucose meters and kits, diabetic control solutions, diabetic test strips, lancing devices, and lancets, as well as blood pressure monitors and cholesterol testers.

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Diabetic Care Supplies

Care Supplies to Enhance Your Personal Health

Whether your diabetes diagnosis is recent or you’ve been living with diabetes for some time, you know that one challenge of diabetes is the additional health problems it can cause. That’s why when you have diabetes it is especially important to treat your body with tender loving care! TypeFree Diabetes provides diabetic care supplies that help you care for, and in many cases prevent, complications associated with diabetes. Our diabetic care supplies include products for eye care, skin and wound care, feet care and circulation, gestational diabetes concerns, managing high blood pressure, oral care, and erectile dysfunction. Take care of your body, and diabetes won’t keep you from living your life well!

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Diabetic Footwear

Shoes, Socks, and Support Hose for Diabetics

One of the common side effects of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy. This uncomfortable condition can cause both a loss of sensation and intense pain in the extremities of a person with diabetes. Some diabetics experience a burning, tingling pain, while others feel a strange numbness. It is very important that a diabetic person take special care of their foot-related problems by wearing specially designed shoes for diabetics. Diabetic shoes for men and diabetic shoes for women are crafted to support feet and minimize the discomfort from diabetic foot problems. When worn with socks for diabetics or diabetic support hose, diabetic footwear will definitely put a little pep back in your step.

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Adult Incontinence Products

Personal Products to Help Diabetics Manage Incontinence

For both men and women with diabetes, adult incontinence can be very difficult health problem to cope with. Accidental leakage, the inability to control urination, and frequent urge “to go” can all be a part of incontinence. The TypeFree Diabetes products below can help you manage those unfortunate incontinence issues, giving you peace of mind and putting you back in control of your life. We offer male incontinence products as well as incontinence products for women. They range from adult diapers and pads for people of all shapes and sizes, to bedding protection and personal incontinence cleansers. You can order privately from your own home and have these personal care products shipped right to your door.

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