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Just Say No -- To Bland, Tasteless Food! If you are recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, you are probably frustrated with limitations on what you can eat? Managing your diet around Type 2 Diabetes can be overwhelming and wearisome, but it doesn't have to be any longer. Type Free Diabetes' Nutrition section will help you make smart decisions on what to eat, how to read nutrition labels, eating out with friends and family, and choosing sweeteners and desserts. Type Free Diabetes can show you delicious recipes that have been tried and tested which will not only satisfy your appetite and keep you on a healthy track, they just might wow your friends and family too.

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 Menu Planning

 Food Pyramids

Good nutritional practices involve maintaining a well-balanced diet that includes whole grains, protein, dairy, vegetables, fruit and some fats. Americans are accustomed to seeing the traditional Food and Drug Administration pyramid on the box of every cereal box and FDA-approved publication. While the American food guide pyramid is by all means healthy and comprehensive, we thought it would be fun to share food guide pyramids reflecting the histories of many other ethnic beginnings, cultures and beliefs.

Menu Planning

The 2000-calorie diabetes diet is appropriate for medium frame, active adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 22- 30)

Total calories: 2000 calories
  • Protein: 100 grams 
  • Carbohydrate: 275 grams 
  • Fat: 56 grams
The goal is to have a similar amount of carbohydrate containing foods at each meal and balance your meal with protein rich and fat-containing foods.


Sweets, cakes, fatty foods! You name it, most love to eat it, or avoid it, if they're watching their waistlines. When people are diagnosed with Diabetes they often mistakenly believe that the food they eat has to be bland to be healthy. These recipes are designed to delight the palate of diabetics and non-diabetics alike with delicious health conscious meals. They tend to use low glycemic index ingredients, and are considerate of blood glucose control.