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Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of diabetic socks in managing complications of diabetes. This disease may affect the body's central nervous system that may lead to nerve disorders. If an individual is diagnosed with this type of condition, the health practitioner will educate them about the problems that may arise due to the disease. One of the complications of diabetes is “diabetic neuropathy”. This is the condition wherein the nerve endings, especially within the feet, and the lower legs tend to experience diminish or loss of sensation in that particular area. The main reason behind this complication is the reduced volume of blood that travels in the lower extremities. Once the foot was deprived of the needed nutrients because of the sluggish flow of blood, the cells in that area will start to deteriorate, which may lead to the development of small blisters or foot ulcers. If not treated correctly, this complication may worsen and might result to leg amputation. However, you can prevent these things from happening by wearing a pair of diabetic socks that can help you in managing this kind of complication. In this article, we will show you the importance of wearing diabetic socks and how it can prevent some of the complications of diabetes.

Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks

Listed below are some of the benefits that you can get by wearing diabetic socks:

  • Fewer Irritation - By wearing diabetic socks you are reducing the chance of acquiring foot irritation. The "seamless" designs of diabetic socks are truly helpful when it comes to reducing the likelihood of irritation. Seams that can be found in ordinary socks can cause friction against your foot, which may lead to irritation or tiny cuts.
  • Relieves Pressure – Diabetic socks were made from materials that ensure's a “wrinkle-free” surface. This feature is important because lumps or uneven distribution of the material just like in ordinary socks may increase the pressure in the feet. This pressure might impede the proper circulation of blood, which may only worsen the current condition.
  • Promotes Blood Circulation – Majority of diabetic socks that are available in the market today offers “non-binding” top. This feature ensures that the top portions of the socks are perfectly fitted in place without obstructing the flow of blood that goes into the feet. Normal socks are usually “too” tight that they start to obstruct the flow of blood. This is not helpful, especially for diabetics because this scenario deprives the feet from getting all the nutrients needed to repair the damage cells within the area.
  • Regulate Moisture – Damp or moist socks may bring two problems; friction, and bacteria. Ordinary socks compared to diabetic socks may induce moisture, which increases its chance of "adhering" into the patient’s skin. The clinging of the socks may limit the space intended for ventilation, and proper movement. It will lead to an increase occurrence of skin friction, which may lead to blister formation. On the other hand, moisture that came from the socks will harbor or attract bacteria, which may increase the chance for infection.

For a diabetic person preserving the integrity of the feet for the long term duration requires proper knowledge of the disease process. Always remember that each year millions of people who have diabetes have undergone foot amputations just to save their life from the risk of systemic infection. The sad part is, the majority of those surgical amputations are the consequences of minor injuries, which were left untreated and even allowed to become ulcers. This means that nearly all of those amputations might have been prevented only if they learn how to care for their foot in the earlier time of their life. Simple things like wearing diabetic socks could truly save you from all the hustles of diabetic complications in the long run. So take time to choose a pair of diabetic socks that will help you in achieving this kind of goal.

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Diabetic Socks

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