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Diabetics Snacks

Diabetics Snacks

Choosing diabetics snacks that offers great taste and only contains a small amount of calories is not an easy task. It becomes one of the problems that diabetics are facing every day. These people need to watch their own diets probably closer compared to other groups of individuals. A multitude of foods should be taken in moderation or should be avoided because they may worsen the condition of a diabetic person. Which do you think is the best diabetic snacks that will help you control your blood-sugar level? Are there snacks that may reduce spikes in the blood sugar?

Yes, there are. As a matter of fact, experts do recommend that people with diabetes should consume healthy diabetics’ snacks in-between meals. This kind of approach will reduce the blood sugar from spiking-up, which often happen if a person consumes only 3 large meals every day. Feeding on small meals as well as having regular snacks is a lot healthier and beneficial for diabetics. Continue reading and we will show you the most effective diabetic snacks that you can eat in between meals, minus the risk of hyperglycemia.

Diabetic Snack

List of Diabetics Snacks

  • Raw Vegetables - Needless to say, most diabetics are aware that raw vegetables are one of the healthiest snacks available for them. These groups of diabetics’ snacks are packed with fiber and contain fewer calories. However, if you do not like your vegetables plain, you can try eating them using a non-fat dressing. Vegetables that a diabetic may consume includes, mushroom, peppers, broccoli and lettuce. If you love hummus (Arabic food made of smash peas), it can be an excellent dip if paired with raw vegetables, because hummus itself is a great snack for diabetics.
  • Sweet Potatoes - Sweet potatoes are considered as one of the healthy food options for everyday consumption. You can bake, boil or simply cook them in a microwave and then try to add cinnamon to enhance its taste. In case you like to add sweetener, try to use "artificial sugar" to save you more calories. This is definitely one of the diabetics snacks that you might want to try, and the one that you can include for everyday consumption.
  • Low Calorie Fruits - Fruit is an additional snack for diabetics. However, not all fruits are recommended. You must be aware that some fruits like figs and watermelon are high in natural sugar. Instead of helping you in managing your condition, they may be the reason that your blood glucose might shoot-up. Choose fruits that are low in calories like apples and try to eat them without removing the skin. The skin contains fiber called pectin, which is beneficial for the body. Citrus fruits like grapes or oranges are also considered as one of the diabetics’ snacks that can be consumed regularly. Fruits like strawberries, plums, pears, and cherries can prevent spikes of blood sugar after eating because they help in metabolizing the sugar present in the blood. Choose these kinds of fruits and try to avoid those that are too sweet as they can cause blood sugar levels to rise significantly after eating them.
  • Non-Greasy Nuts - If you're a diabetic and it happens that you like a nut, that’s good news! Nut products are among the best diabetics snacks that can be consumed anywhere without worrying that your blood sugar may spike-up. Nuts possess healthy fats, which are good for your heart. They also contain a great amount of fiber, which can further decrease your cholesterol level. The protein found in nuts may help you in restoring and building muscles, which is needed to counter muscle wasting.

Actually, you might be amazed to know that eating snacks could be beneficial if included in a diabetic's meal plan. Simply because it assists you in controlling your blood sugar levels within the normal range. It can also help you lose those unwanted fats, increase your metabolism, conditions your body to be more proficient in converting your blood sugar into energy. So choose any of the diabetics’ snacks that we have mentioned here, and try to include them in your daily diet.

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Diabetics Snacks

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