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Factors of Healthy Eating Plans

Healthy Eating Plan

What do you think constitutes a healthy and good diet regime? Healthy eating plans that are currently available today usually concentrate on some of the "basics" but often insufficient factors to determine how healthy the food that we eat is. Factors like artificial sweeteners, chemically laden dairy products, refined sugars, and some other dietary "disasters." Although these factors may indeed affect any of the healthy eating plans that the person is using, you should not limit yourself or should not only focus your attention to these factors because they may not be sufficient enough. In case that you really want to determine what type of foods you should include in your  healthy eating plans to be successful in attaining wellness, then have a look at the concepts that we have provided below.

Facts and Myths about Food Products

In this section, we will increase your knowledge about some of the “facts and myths” about certain food diets and some elements that most of us consider to be an important element of making successful healthy eating plans.

  • Dairy-Products - Many of us assume that milk products are perfect for daily consumption. Generally, it truly is, however, not in the variety that many of us find most abundant. The production of commercialized milk necessitates a "routine" injection of antibiotics and hormones that is given straight into the animal's body so that they can produce the highest possible volume of milk for the cheapest cost. After that, the milk undergoes pasteurization, in an effort to kill the harmful microorganisms that are present within the milk. Even though this process seems beneficial, it may also reduce or eliminate certain "enzymes" that could be helpful for the person. This type of milk will turn out to be "not so healthy,” or with reduced health benefits and should be least included in your healthy eating plans. For you to get the true health benefits out of any dairy products, you should try to find "raw-milk" that was taken from animals that weren't bombarded with various "treatments" to increase the milk production. The type of milk coming from these animals still includes all the nutrients, which are needed by the body, without the harmful chemicals that came mostly came with processed milk and this is the type that we want to include in our healthy eating plans.
  • Fats – Basically, all the fats are not made equal. I know that you have heard about these several times, but I would like to point-out again that in order to be healthy; you should only include 2 types of fat in your healthy eating plans and these are; coconut oil and olive oil. Yes, I understand that coconut oil carries a bad reputation; however, the facts that I will show in this section might surprise you. The oil that came from coconut has the substance called "lauric acid," it is an element which has antibacterial and antifungal properties which helps in strengthening the person's resistance against bacterial invasion. Additionally, it is made from medium-chain fatty acids which are quickly converted into energy; therefore, it's not being stored as fats in the body rather, it boosts the person's energy in order to be more productive during the day. Several researches backs-up these claims and concluded that it is indeed beneficial; so the next time that you'll be using products to include in your healthy eating plans, choose the one that uses either coconut oil or olive oil.

  • Carbohydrates - Nowadays, many people question themselves on whether they would choose "low-carb", "no-carb", or "high-carb" diets to complement their healthy eating plans. Carbohydrates would definitely be a subject matter that contains numerous conflicts. So in this section will try to set the record straight, we all know that the human body requires carbohydrates to operate properly. However, the real concern is which varieties of carbohydrates you will include in your healthy eating plans that will fuel your body. If you're not aware, there are actually two types of carbohydrates, they are the:
  • Simple Carbohydrates – This type of carbohydrate is often consisted of “refined” and processed foods. And because it is refined, it is much easier to digest and metabolize. Although this is over-consumption of these “easily” digested foods may trigger the blood-sugar to shoot-up, which is obviously not beneficial for the body, and should not be included in your healthy eating plans.
  •  Complex Carbohydrates – The second type is what we call the complex carbohydrate, compared to simple carbohydrate, the goods included in this carb is not “well-refined,” it only follows that this carb is not easily digested, and not easily metabolized. If you think that this is unfavorable for the person’s body, well, you've mistaken. The fact that that it is not easily digested, this carb “prevents” a person’s blood-sugar from shooting up. This type of carb is especially recommended for diabetic’s healthy eating plans so that they will have a greater control over their blood-glucose levels.

As you can see there are still a lot of people that have a misperception of the foods, which they are including in their healthy eating plans, it is highly advised that you re-evaluate the types of foods that you have already included in your healthy eating plan because it may significantly affect your success rate in the long run. So go ahead and create your own healthy eating plans, and try to incorporate the knowledge that you have found in this article, to ensure success.

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Factors of Healthy Eating Plans

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