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Portion Control Tips

Portion Control Tips

Are you looking for portion control tips? Then you came to the right place. Probably the most efficient methods to limit calorie intake is by using portion control tools that will guide you quantify the food you consume every day. Studies show that most Americans have the “bigger is better” mindset and it seems that every food is available for super-sized from sodas, French fries and even sandwiches. It’s an undeniably that majority of the Americans greatly miscalculates the quantity of food that they eat every day and this accounts to various incidences of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. In this section, we will reveal some portion control tips that will teach you on how to limit your food intake.

Simple Portion Control Tips

Although it may appear like a "monumental" struggle to scale-down portion sizes, there are few brilliant ideas that you may apply each day to limit your food intake, here they are:

  • Break it down - It is noted that majority of the dining establishments' load "way too much" of foods onto your plate, the volume of the food is often doubled or tripled compared to your serving at home. To address this scenario; one of our portion control tips is that when dining-out, make it a routine to ask for a "carry-out" container before you decide to start eating in which you can divide your meal into 2 servings and box half of the meal to be consumed later at home the concept behind this method is simple; the lesser the foods that you see on the table, the lesser your chance of overeating.

  • Pre-calculate – Other portion control tips is that while eating snacks like pretzels, potato chips, or other high caloric foods, refrain from eating directly out from the bigger bag. It’s easier to consume greater than the standard serving size if you have no idea of the amount that you’ve already eaten. Determine first your "ideal" amount so you know when you’ve already reached your limit.
  • Smaller Dishes - While preparing your own dishes in your home, a clever method to trick yourself is by using smaller-sized dishes. By using one of the portion control tips like this, your plate will appear full, which will help in conditioning your brain that you're not being deprived of food.
  • Eat little by little - Whenever you’ve finished the foods in your plate, you should wait for a couple of minutes before you decide whether you still want to continue eating or not. Normally, it takes some time before your body “register” the feeling of fullness. By following one of the portion control tips like this, it’s likely that right after you’ve taken some time to pause from eating, you'll notice that the idea to go for the "second-round" won’t appear so appetizing anymore.
  • Limit Finger-foods - it is best that you refrain from eating finger foods, especially those that were made from simple or refined sugar. These little treats may be delectable, but often they may also convey a huge amount of calories. In any forms of social events, you can apply this one of the portion control tips like this, by making an effort to "hold-out" your craving until the main-dish is served.

At first adhering to this portion control tips might be difficult for you; however, after a few days of pursuing smaller portion sizes, you will likely notice that it becomes easier and more natural. If you're applying this method to lose weight, you might notice that the layers of fats on your abdominal area start to reduce and your abdominal muscles might be more visible. By following this portion control tips along with dedication and perseverance, you can guarantee that in no-time you won't only be healthier, but you will look better as well.

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Portion Control Tips

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