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Portion Size Guide

Portion Size Guide

It is usually difficult to understand serving-sizes. That's the reason why in this article we will provide you a simple portion size guide which you can use every day. All of us may remember studying about the food-pyramid during our middle school however, at the present the USDA had made some minor "tweaks" to the model guide whom we originally learned in school. It's called the portion size guide. This method is much more flexible since it includes various factors such as age, gender and activity levels into consideration. In addition, it provides you with suggestions on "portion-size" of the food and not focusing on the serving-size alone which means that it examines the weight of the food, and correlates it to daily caloric needs of the person.

Simple Portion Size Guide

To give you the basic idea of a portion size guide, we have made a table below:

Portion size guide is truly a breakthrough when it comes to precise proportioning of foods. It helps each individual to be aware of the “ideal” size of the food which is needed to stay healthy and fit. This method is especially important for those people that acquired various diseases such as heart problems, metabolic disorders and even cancer. And to make simple things even simpler, this method can be easily acquired by utilizing “portion plate," it is a product that was designed to help people get the exact limit of different food sizes that should be consumed during each meal. By using the portion size guide, you can always guarantee that you're not eating in excess, and everything is calculated accordance to your needs.

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Portion Size Guide

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