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Understanding Body Fat Scales

Body Fat Scales

Do you know that the look and weight of a person is considered as poor indicators of his or her health status? Your weight might appear normal but you may still possess a significant amount of excess body fat without you knowing it. This is the reason why it is considered important to use body fat scales to determine the volume of fat inside your body precisely and not to base it on the weight or physical appearance of the person.

Health Risk of Increased Body-Fat

Excess body fat might increase the chance of developing various diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis (due to high cholesterol) and certain malignancies like cancers. By using body fat scales to track the fat percentage of your body, it helps you become aware of your health status, which lowers the occurrence of medical complications that were mentioned above.

Different Types of Body Fat Scales

Body fat scale comes in different forms, shapes and sizes. This kind of device is available for personal or professional use. The great thing about body fat scale is that the accuracy between each model, either for professional or personal type is the same with each other. This saves you time and effort because you don't need to visit your personal trainer or doctor to obtain the accurate analysis of your body-fat percentage.

How Body Fat Scales Work?

Body fat scale analyze "skin-folds" to determine the fat percentage in the human body. This can be done by pinching the skin coming from different body parts like the stomach and upper-arms and measuring this area with the “calipers” that comes with the body fat scales. These types of measurements are then included in the equation which will be used to determine the fat percentage of the person's body. The accuracy and reliability of such results can still be influenced by a lot of factors. However, if executed properly the outcome is often accurate.

How to interpret results taken from body fat scales?

After you have assessed the fat percentage of your body, you now need to relate these results to the chart that was provided by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) which talks about the ideal percentage of fat that should be maintained in certain age-group or gender. You can see in this chart that the women's body has more fats compared to men. The reason behind this is the hormonal make-up of women which often upsurge especially if the woman is pregnant or scheduled to give birth. The stored energy will eventually be utilized during and after the delivery.

Body Fat Percentage of Women vs. Men

The ideal percentage of fat for women is approximately 25-31%. Levels that are less than this range are a great sign that the fat inside the body is being managed properly. On the other hand, fat levels that are less than 10% taken from body fat scales is considered "too low" and needs to be investigated, because it may present underlying disorder. This case commonly happens to those people that are suffering from eating disorders or other medical conditions. Unlike women, men may have a body-fat of 2-3% and can still be considered as normal or healthy. The men's body is mainly composed of muscles and only carries a small amount of body-fat that is normally found on their abdominal area. The normal range is between 8-25%, and the ideal range is approximately 6-13%.

Additional Information:

Body fat scales do come in-handy, and if you are attempting to lose weight or just wanted to maintain your current weight. This device may help you in monitoring or tracking your progress so that you can easily adhere to your goals and objectives.  Device like Body fat scales are indeed valuable when it comes to getting fit and staying healthy for a more productive and healthier life.

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Understanding Body Fat Scales

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