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Lightweight Diabetic Socks – TypeFree Diabetes – TypefreeDiabates
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Lightweight Diabetic Socks – TypeFree Diabetes

By August 6, 2018 Uncategorized

Lightweight Diabetic Socks (6 pr Pack) – Small – White

Cushion your feet in these diabetic socks without them feeling heavy. Thinner, with less padding, the Lightweight diabetic socks are totally non-binding. These socks inhibit the growth of athleteÕs foot fungus odor-causing bacteria. The casual socks wick away moisture to keep your feet dry. Sold six to a pack, in black or white.

SKU 81007

  • Totally non-binding
  • Inhibits the growth of Athlete’s Foot fungus and odor-causing bacteria
  • Wicks away moisture from the foot
  • Sold 6 to a pack

 Sock Size  Fits Men’s Shoe Sizes  Fits Women’s Shoe Sizes
 Small  5 – 7  5 – 88
 Medium  7 – 10  8 – 11
 Large  10 – 13  11 – 14
 Extra Large  13+  N/A


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