Abbott Precision Xtra® Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System


Easily manage your diabetes everyday with a Precision Xtra blood glucose and ketone monitoring system –it comes with a convenient carrying case.

Your daily diabetes monitoring just got simpler and easier

Make blood sugar monitoring an easy diabetic health habit with this easy-to-use glucose monitoring system that uses a small 0.6 microliters of blood sample and only takes five seconds to produce results. The Precision Xtra® blood glucose monitoring system has a specially designed end-fill/top-fill test strip with visual confirmation to make blood application more flexible for glucose testing. This system also has a convenient blood ketone testing feature in the same glucose meter —so no need to switch meters!

With a Precision Xtra® glucose monitoring system, you’ll get accurate and reliable diabetes blood testing results. The system has a built-in “fill-trigger” designed to prevent test from starting without an adequate blood sample on the test strip —it minimizes repeat tests and error messages. It’s unique chemistry formulation minimizes the effects of interfering substances.

Items included in the Precision Xtra® Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring System are:

  1. Precision Xtra® Meter
  2. EasyTouch™ Lancing Device & User’s Guide
  3. EasyTouch™ Lancing Device Alternate Site Test Cap (Clear) & User’s Guide
  4. Thin lancets(10-count)
  5. Black carrying case
  6. Daily blood sugar monitoring logbook
  7. Replaceable coin cell lithium battery, #2032 (installed)
  8. User’s Guide (English & Spanish)
  9. Quick Reference Guide (English & Spanish)
  10. Quick Start Guide (English & Spanish)
  11. Display Symbols & Messages Guide (English & Spanish)
  12. Warranty Registration Card (English & Spanish)