CareFor Ultra Men’s Briefs with Haloshield Odor Control, Medium 34″ – 36″


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CareFor Ultra Men’s briefs with Haloshield odor control, medium 34″ – 36″. Salk’s CareFor Ultra Men’s incontinence brief has a built-in pad featuring the same remarkable HaloShield odor-eliminating technology found in their popular CareFor Ultra underpads. This unique technology eliminates embarrassing odor by killing 99.9% of the odor causing bacteria. While there are other incontinence underwear on the market that claim to reduce, mask, or control urine odor, HaloShield is the only one that actually eliminates the odor at its source. Each time it is laundered with a small amount of household bleach, the HaloShield will reactivate and last the lifetime of the garment.

  • Made with 100% Cotton Fabric, it looks and feels like regular underwear and has a fully functioning fly front.
  • No need for a disposable pad as the highly-absorbent pad is built in and the entire garment is washable.
  • Masculine styli