Caresteps Soft Sole Socks/Footwear – MenÕs 8-9.5/WomenÕs 9.5-11


These are comfortable, non-slip slipper/socks, perfect for safely puttering around the house, especially if you have foot pain. This is a safe and comfortable way to protect your feet. Some people wear these double up, two at a time. They are made of a machine washable terry cloth that does not shrink. Available in Blue or Beige. Adult Regular fits sizes 5-9 or Large fits sizes 10-13.

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Caresteps Soft Sole Socks/Footwear

Caresteps Socks – Introducing innovative footwear for aching feet!  Available in different colors and sizes, these comforting socks have slightly engraved ridges at the bottom that make the soles less slippery – ideal for diabetics with foot care challenges. The socks are extremely comfortable and made of machine washable terry cloth, ever ready for repeated use. Just as the name says, the Caresteps slippers/socks are made with care for the special needs of your feet.

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  • Comfortable, non-slip slipper/socks
  • Machine washable terry cloth
Product Style Color Size


Blue MenÕs 6-7.5 /WomenÕs 7.5-9
ISG2224979 Adult Large


MenÕs 8-9.5/WomenÕs 9.5-11
ISG2224993 Adult XLarge


MenÕs 10+ /WomenÕs 11.5+