Dignity Briefmates Super Guard Disposable Pad 45″ – 58″


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Whitestone Corp Dignity¨ Briefmates Super Guard Disposable Pad 45″ to 58″, Peach, Super-absorbent, LateExtra free

Incontinence Pads provide light to moderate bladder protection and are designed to fasten inside your own underwear with an adhesive strip. This Dignity¨ Pad (guard) is super-absorbent for dryness and odor control with a moisture-proof cloth-like barrier. Designed for women with light to moderate incontinence, Dignity¨ Super Guards (Pads) is a wider and longer more protective incontinence pad, contoured for extra comfort. Super Guards for Women come in peachy peach.

Soft, cloth-like, moisture-proof outer barrier with adhesive tape strip.
Contoured shape for comfort.
Superabsorbent polymer for dryness and odor control.
Elastic side gathers for leakage reduction.
Larger surface area than bladder pads.