FOCUS Portion Control Kits, Porcelain – 4 Place Settings

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Precise Portions manufactures 9″ coupe shaped portion control plates called our “FOCUS” Plates, and although it can be used by any health conscious person, it is specifically designed to be used by those who have a desire to follow strict health goals and objectives. Apart from the beautiful design, the 9″ portion control plate has guidelines printed on to the plate itself making it much easier to stick to your desired health goals. What’s in the box?Package contains plates, bowls, glasses, placemats, and coasters good enough for 4 place settings: 4 – 9″ Focus Portion Control Plates; 4 – 5″ 16oz Portion Control Bowls; 4 – Portion Control Drinking Glasses; (20) Placemat Work Sheets for menu and meal planning; 1- 4 oz (1/2 c) Portion Control Ladle; 4 Cork Coasters, 1/4″ thick & 1 Quick Start Healthy Eating Guide.

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The FOCUS Portion Control Quartet, Porcelain – 4 Place Settings – incl. Eat & Learn Placemats System Discs FPS4

Are you ready to make serious diet changes and CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS?

Managing your weight, blood sugar and metabolism just got easier! All you need is a little FOCUS.

Precise Portions’ 9″ FOCUS portion control plates are designed by dietitians under guidelines from the American Dietetic Association & American Diabetes Association. Widely recognized in the nutrition field, this dietary management system is effective and easy to use – if you can stay inside the lines, you’re FOCUSing!

But don’t worry – these portion control plates were developed with quality and beauty in mind, as well as efficacy! Crafted from beautiful Porcelain China, known for strength and depth of color, these plates are as pretty as they are helpful. You won’t find any plastic here!

What’s in the box?

  • 4, 9″ FOCUS portion control plates
  • 4, 18oz portion control cereal bowls
  • 4, 10oz portion control beverage glasses
  • 4, Eat & Learn Placemats / Nutrition Control System Discs

With portion control markings integrated right into the artwork, you’ll have important information conveniently accessible right when you need it most – at mealtime! Combined with our portion control bowls and drinking glasses, FOCUS plates are part of a complete place setting!

In addition to weight and blood sugar management, portion control can help speed up your metabolism. That means you’ll have more energy and feel great while you continue to enjoy the foods you like! Eating well is the first step to a healthier lifestyle, and with the FOCUS system, you can do this – and enjoy it too! Remember, it’s easy: just stay inside the lines!

Having more energy and feeling great while eating well – sounds pretty good! Now, the whole family can spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time sitting on the couch with these plates – just one of the tools you’ll get in the FOCUS Portion Control Quartet!

You’ll even this free bonus with your FOCUS portion control plates! It is a useful Eat & Learn Placemats / Nutrition Control System Discs which include a dietary management worksheet. On the front is a visual portioning guide helpful in judging the best way to lay out your meals. On the reverse you’ll see a daily menu planning worksheet, completely customizable for your dietary requirements. The guide actually doubles as a placemat for convenience, too!

Precise Portions’ easy to use dietary planner is a great tool to show to your doctor or nutritionist, because they’ll be able to see exactly what you’ve been up to, and can give you specific tips on how to improve your weight management/glucose control strategy.

Precise Portions is here to help you FOCUS. That means weight and blood sugar management, but your real goal is a healthier lifestyle… We can help you!

Get started today… eat healthy tomorrow!