FORA TN’G (Test N’GO) Voice Blood Glucose Meter (Bluetooth 4.0 & Free App)


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Design to make busy lives easier to manage. With its advanced Bluetooth connection for both Andriod and iOS platforms, perfect to take it anywhere! Upload the testing results to the unique iFORA App for more diabetes management tools. Please note: Strips, Lancing device & Lancets are sold separately.

FORA BG App-Track Your Health In a Smart Way!

  • Data Record
    Note down your activities
    with each measurement for
    better diabetes monitoring.
  • Pre-meal, Post-meal,
    Morning and Evening

    Connect the dots for
    a better understanding
    of the ups and downs.
  • Weekly Lifestyle
    Discover lifestyle patterns on
    weekdays and weekends
    and identify activities that
    lead to extreme glucose levels.
  • Single Day
    See Instantly how insulin
    doses and activities
    impact glucose levels.
  • Target Pie Chart
    Find out how well you have
    managed your blood glucose
    levels during the last 7, 14
    and 30 days.