HealthDri Cotton Ladies Moderate Panties Size 8


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Salk Company HealthDriª Cotton Ladies Moderate Panties Size 8, 30″ to 32″ Waist, Washable, Latex-free

women who experience a daily or occasional moisture management problem,
HealthDriª reusable panties offer complete protection with the look,
feel and care of regular underwear. The patented moisture management
control panel pulls moisture away from the body and protects outer

  • 100% cotton, absorbs 2-1/2Oz of liquid.
  • Ladies panties are fashionable with a silky look and feel.
  • Patented moisture transport system designed to keep users dry.
  • The comfort of reusables with the absorbency of a disposable.
  • A
    return to dignity for those who require incontinence products while
    providing peace of mind about moisture absorbency and clothing
  • An environmentally friendly and cost saving alternative to disposables.
  • HealthDriª garments will fill the absorbency requirements of 80-90% of all incontinence sufferers.