HealthDri Men’s Heavy Briefs Large


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Salk Company HealthDriª Men’s Heavy Briefs Large, 38″ to 40″ Waist, Washable, Latex-free

single-piece garment with the feel, wear and care of regular underwear.
The patented moisture management control panel pulls moisture away from
the body and protects outer clothing. Men’s briefs feature a fully
functional fly.

  • Holds 6 ounces of liquid.
  • Washable over 300 times.
  • Shell is 100% cotton, inner fabric is cotton/polyester/nylon.
  • A patented moisture transport system designed to keep users dry.
  • The comfort of reusables with the absorbency of a disposable.
  • A
    return to dignity for those who require incontinence products while
    providing peace of mind about moisture absorbency and clothing
  • An environmentally friendly and cost saving alternative to disposables.
  • Garments that look and feel like the undergarment men have worn all their lives, not an adult version of a diaper.
  • HealthDriª garments will fill the absorbency requirements of 80-90% of all incontinence sufferers.