Insight Diabetes Compression Socks – Small – Black

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Insight Diabetes Compression Socks – Small – Black

Why do people with diabetes need special socks?

People with diabetes are at risk for several foot complications, including loss of feeling, impaired circulation and delayed wound healing. The first line of protection for your feet is a sock that is specifically designed for the unique needs of people with diabetes. These socks have these key features:

  • Seamless, constriction-free design prevents the friction and irritation that can cause a blister or sore
  • Silver ion-material controls bacteria growth and minimizes odors
  • Moisture management system that wicks away excess moisture because moisture can act as a breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria
  • White bottoms on ALL colors of socks give people with diabetes another way to see if they are having an issue on the bottom of their feet. Any sort of discharge will stain the sock and catch the personÕs attention.

Your healthcare professional may recommend that you wear a
compression sock. These compression socks help reduce foot and leg
swelling by increasing blood flow. The gradual compression alleviates
circulation problems and muscle fatigue, making you feel revitalized
and energetic throughout the day.

These patented
compression socks were developed by leading Vascular and Podiatric
physicians to provide maximum comfort and protection for people with

Here’s a reference chart to determine which size is appropriate for you:

US Sock Sizes S M L
MEN 3-6 6.5-9.5 10-13
WOMEN 4-7 7.5-11