Insulin Protection Case – cools up to 12 hours MD3676500001


Insulin syringes and injections require an extended protection for their sustainability. Keeping this very aspect in mind we’ve come up with this Insulin Protection Case that can hold up to 2 insulin bottles for up to 16 hours. Not only that, but it also has room for 5 syringes and alcohol swabs, adding up to your ease. The 2 refreezable coolants protect and cool the medicine. Its portable and perfect travelling!

Insulin Protection Case – Cools up to 12 Hours

Product code: MD3676500001

Diabetes wonÕt hold you back, especially when this cool blue Insulin Protection Case accompanies you.

Product Benefits

  • Velcro-closed front pouch keeps syringes safe but easily accessible
  • Insulated insulin compartment keeps the cooler pack from slipping
  • Cooler packs molded to fit standard insulin bottles

Key Advantages

  • Portable and perfect for traveling
  • Small enough to pack easily in a carry-on bag, purse, or briefcase


Insulin and syringes require extended protection in order for them to give you what you need to manage your diabetes. Keeping this very thing in mind, we’ve come up with this handy Insulin Protection Case. Not only does it protect your insulin vials and syringes (and your fingers from the random jab), this diabetic accessory can keep two insulin bottles cool for up to 16 hours. The portable insulin case has room for five syringes, two bottles, and miscellaneous diabetes accessories like alcohol swabs. With two re-freezable cooler packs, the Insulin Protection Case means you can take care of yourself even when youÕre on the move.

Technical Details

  • Protects and cools two insulin bottles for up to 16 hours
  • Includes two re-freezable insulin cooler packs
  • Built-in storage pocket for diabetic accessories
  • Comes in Blue