Mesh Pants, X-Large Fits 46″ – 52″


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Prevail¨ Mesh Pants 46″ to 52″ Extra-large, Latex-free, Washable

Prevail¨ Mesh Pants are made to stay securely in place while walk, sit
or sleep. Perfect to use with bladder control pads because they are
shaped to hold pads perfectly. Soft elastic leg openings leave virtually
no skin marks or redness around the thighs. Cross-elastic threads keep
products securely in place, providing effective support for leakage

  • First Quality Prevail¨ Mesh Pants are unisex incontinence pants.
  • Breathable cloth material allow improved airflow.
  • Latex-free material guarantees comfort.
  • Can be washed without losing their shape, fraying, or losing their elasticity.