Nipro TRUEtest Blood Glucose Test Strip NFRS (50 count)


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Nipro TRUEtest Blood Glucose NFRS Test Strip with GoldSensor Laser Accuracy, 0.5L Small Blood Sample, Patented Beveled Tip.

Nipro Diagnostics TRUEtestª Blood Glucose Test Strip with GoldSensorª
Laser Accuracy, 0.5μL Small Blood Sample, Patented Beveled Tip

TRUEtestª strips ensure accurate and precise results. And, theyÕre used
by the new no-coding TRUEresultª and TRUE2goª systems, offering you the
ultimate convenience whether youÕre at home or on the go.

  • Quad-Electrode GoldSensorª Laser Accuracy for enhanced precision and accuracy.
  • Patented TRUEfill¨ technology.
  • 50- and 100- count sizes.
  • Two Fill-Detect Electrodes – prevent false starts and testing errors.
  • Patented Beveled Tip – less surface area for more focused blood draw.