Per-Fit Protective Underwear Medium 34″ – 44″


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Per-Fit¨ Protective Underwear Medium, 34″ to 44″ Waist, Green, Pull-up Style

Prevail¨ Per-Fit¨ Protective Underwear for moderate to heavy
incontinence with maximum leakage protection and wearer comfort. It has a
soft, breathable, outer fabric that is more comfortable for the wearer
and reduces the risk of skin irritation. Its advanced core design and
fast absorbing, blue, stay-dry strip improves skin dryness and reduces
the potential for leakage.

  • Prevail¨ Per-Fit¨ protective underwear improves odor control, skin health and wearer comfort.
  • Cloth-like, outer fabric.
  • Advanced zoning system.