Prevail Adjustable Underwear Super Plus Medium


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Prevail¬® Adjustable Underwear Super Plus Medium 28″ to 46″ Waist, Latex-free

Easy to grip stretchable reattaching tabs, pull up and down like regular
underwear, tear sides seams and place between legs to put on without
removing any clothing, silky-soft fabric, cloth-like outer fabric.

  • Cloth-Like Outer Fabric.
  • Fast-absorbing blue stay-dry strip significantly improves skin
    dryness and reduces potential for leakage for improved odor control,
    healthier skin and additional wearer comfort.
  • Fecal Containment zone is a scientifically designed target area
    that locks up loose stool for improved containment and healthier skin.
  • Soft, breathable zone features ventilated panels to allow air to
    freely migrate to wearer, improving skin health and comfort by reducing
    health build up.