Prevail Cuties Baby Diapers Size 3, 16 – 28 lbs.


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Cuties¨ Baby Diaper Size 3, 16 to 28 lb

First Quality Prevail¨ Cuties¨ Baby Diapers are designed with an
ultra-absorbent core for leakage protection and adjustable grip tabs for
a more comfortable fit. A soft, breathable, outer fabric is more
comfortable for the wearer. It reduces the risk of skin irritation more
than traditional, plastic-backed product. Ventilated areas allow air to
freely migrate to the wearer, helping maintain skin wellness and comfort
by reducing heat build-up.

  • Cuties¨ Baby Diapers are available in seven different sizes.
  • Printed with a special, animal-alphabet graphics system.
  • Elasticized inner leg cuffs provide a custom fit, create a seal and protect against leakage.
  • Bands along the waistline create a more comfortable, customized fit.