SlimLine Disposable Junior Briefs – TRA2112 (cs120)


SlimLine Disposable Junior Briefs (cs120)

Soft and effective disposable junior-sized briefs from SlimLine.

Product code: TRA2112

Product Benefits

  • Keeps skin dry to prevent rashes or other skin irritation
  • Made of odor- and bacterial-control materials
  • Soft, cloth-like fabric backing

Key Advantages

  • Tape tabs can be opened and closed repeatedly
  • Completely latex-free
  • Disposable, simply wear and toss


The high-performance SlimLine Disposable Junior Briefs deliver superior absorbency for the littlest people. SlimLineÕs own “Peach Mat Construction” guarantees that skin is kept dry, odors are control, bacteria is eliminated, and pH is neutralized. These disposable junior briefs are soft and comfortable enough for a longer wear, and wonÕt chafe sensitive skin.

Technical Details

  • Junior size fits individuals 28 to 43 lbs
  • Liquid capacity of 10.2oz
  • Comes in white