TechLite Lancet 25G (100 count)


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Arkray Inc TechLiteª Lancet 25G, Sterile, Disposable

TechLiteª Lancets are sterile, disposable, devices used to obtain a
capillary blood sample. They are available in 25 gauges, 28 gauges and
an AST Lancet and are compatible with most standard lancing devices. The
lower gauge lancets work best on callused fingers where it is sometimes
difficult to obtain a sample. The higher gauge lancets work best for
individuals that lance their finger frequently or have a thin skin (such
as child or elderly persons).

  • Available in most popular needle gauge formats.
  • Smooth, tri-bevel point promotes comfortable sampling.
  • Compatible with most finger lancing devices.
  • Contoured body for easier handling ( 25 and 28 gauge formats).