Walking Pedometer with Top View Step Counter – Sterling Medical


Walking pedometer with top view step counter

Exercise and stay fit with an easy-to-use pedometer for walking

Tired of hard to read numbers while walking? Ever have to ask yourself if that one number is an “8” or a “6” that you’re seeing? Guess no more! This walking pedometer features a large and very visible top-view LCD display of the step counter.

How do you use a pedometer?

Attach the walking pedometer securely to your waistband or belt. You’d want to secure it close to the center of your body for the best and most accurate results. The paces are detected via your waist movement.

If no motion is detected for 1 – 2 minutes, the pedometer will automatically shut down. This digital pedometer retains the last reading on its built-in memory. It will readily resume once you start moving again. Easy!

Walking with pedometer

It’s incredibly easy to use… just press and hold the only button on unit to start. No confusing buttons to try to figure out when you get in the zone. All you have to do is walk!

So, make walking a part of our daily regimen as you forge ahead on our journey to a better health.